Outrigger Manifold Assembly

Outriggers or a jackstand are required for any application. A removable jackstand is sufficient for the smaller cranes but you will need a set of outriggers on the larger units for the vehicle to pass the required stability test dictated by J765 which is part of OSHA 1910.180.

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Crane Moment RatingOutrigger CapacityExtendable SectionsJack SelectionAdditional Information
10,000 ft. lbs.12K Manual in/outCrank up/downSpec's & Breakdown
12,000 ft. lbs.12K Manual in/outCrank up/downSpec's & Breakdown
18,000 ft. lbs.18K Manual in/outCrank up/downSpec's & Breakdown
25,000 ft. lbs.25K Manual in/out Crank up/downSpec's & Breakdown
25,000 ft. lbs.25KManual in/outHydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown
25,000 ft. lbs.25KHydraulic in/outHydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown
40,000 ft. lbs.40K Manual in/outCrank up/downSpec's & Breakdown
40,000 ft. lbs.40K Manual in/outHydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown
40,000 ft. lbs.40KHydraulic in/outHydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown
50,000 ft. lbs.50K Manual in/out Crank up/downSpec's & Breakdown
50,000 ft. lbs.50K  Manual in/out Hydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown
50,000 ft. lbs.50K Hydraulic in/out Hydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown
72,000 ft. lbs.72K Manual in/outCrank up/downSpec's & Breakdown
72,000 ft. lbs.72K Manual in/outHydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown
72,000 ft. lbs.72KHydraulic in/out Hydraulic up/downSpec's & Breakdown

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Key Benefits

  • Keeps truck level when heavy loads are lifted.
  • Configurations to fit most any application.
  • All outriggers are complete with control valves.
  • Used to meet the stability requirements of OSHA 1910.180 as specified by SAE J765.