What's New

8045DX WP 

Hydraulic Powered Crane
8,000 Lb. Max Capacity
45,000 Ft.-Lb. Max Moment Rating

  • WiFi Diagnostics and Histogram
  • Wireless Proportional Controls
  • Unlimited Rotation
  • Full Power Boom Extension
  • 8045DX-22 WP has extension to 22 Ft.
  • 8045DX-30 WP has extension to 30 Ft.
Online Training

Online Training

All of us here at Liftmoore are deeply committed to providing the quality service that our customers have come to expect over the years.  In times like these where travel restrictions are in place, we must think outside the box and find ways to continue operating as essential businesses.


Liftmoore is pleased to announce that we are offering online training.  Whether it is sales, operation, or safety, we have the means to interact over the web and provide the training that our customers desire.  We can schedule calls, web conferences with face-to-face video, and can cover the same topics we would in person.  We can even provide product orientation and demonstrations.


Please contact us at 713-457-1821 or training@liftmoore.com for more details or to schedule a meeting.  We are here to help!




Outrigger Kits

Need to start the build on a body and not sure if the outrigger is going to be manual or hydraulic?  No problem, we have a solution!

Our new 40K ft-lb and 72K ft-lb outrigger kits provide a solution to the decision making process during the production and product development cycles.

One center tube can be installed at the time of body construction.  The same center tube can accept one of our manual or hydraulic outrigger kits.  You no longer need to make the decision ahead of time, and can spare yourself the hassle of tying up capital in the early stages of the build.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Flexibility
  • Speed to market
  • Reduced lead times
  • Standardization
  • Cash flow

Click here to learn more.


LED Boom Tip Lights

You will not be left in the dark with Liftmoore's new LED boom-tip lights.

  • 2 self-leveling boom-tip lights with stainless steel ball bearings
  • 16 LEDs  in each light
  • 2,100 lumens each, 4,200 lumens total
  • Wide flood beam pattern
  • Powder coated aluminum housing
  • Shatter proof polycarbonate lens

Available on most crane models.  Click the image to learn more.

TM Series

Liftmoore TM4 Crane Service Bodies

Available for DRW 60"CA chassis.  The TM4 is reinforced for up to a 4,000 lb. crane. Contact Liftmoore to learn more about our crane body packages and upfit capabilities.  Click the image to learn more.

WP Control System

Wireless proportional controls for electric cranes with on-board WiFI diagnostics.  Available on models 2010REE, 3612REE/X, 4000X, 5000X, and 6036X.  Click the image to learn more.