WP Control System

Wireless Proportional Control with Diagnostics via On-Board WiFi

In a world full of smart devices...

(As seen during the 2021 Virtual Work Truck Show)

...we provide devices that make our operators smarter

FM control system allows for proportional control of the hydraulic functions.  The transmitter display includes real-time information that is critical to the operator, including transmitter battery, signal strength, system voltage, load capacity as a percentage, and all error codes that can be reported by the crane, and chassis X / Y axis if equipped with optional chassis stability monitoring system.  The system includes on-board WiFi diagnostics and histogram which can be accessed on any WiFi enabled device with a web browser such as a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

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Standard Features

  • Paired transmitter and receiver
  • Display on transmitter with real-time information
  • 25' CAN cable to hardwire transmitter to crane which can charge the batteries and also bypass the wireless signal for operate on CAN
  • 12V DC charger, lighter port type
  • WiFi diagnostics and histogram that can be accessed on any WiFi enabled device with a browser (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Electric Cranes

  • Proportional control of all hydraulic functions including rotation, elevation, and extension.  Winch remains on/off
  • Proportional control achieved by controlling the speed of the pump motor
  • Available on Liftmoore crane models LA6K, 2010REE, 3612REE, 3612X, 4000X, 5000X, and 6036X


Hydraulic Cranes

  • Proportional control of all crane functions including winch, rotation, elevation, and extension
  • Available on Liftmoore crane models 8045DX, 60100DX, and 72100DX


  • Wireless engine control receiver enabling wireless control or the chassis engine start/stop, RPM +/-, and auxiliary equipment  on/off  
  • Chassis stability monitoring system that will put the crane in chassis tilted mode when either the X or Y axis of the chassis goes beyond 5 degrees.  Chassis tilted mode will disable winch up, boom down, extension out, and will limit the proportional control to 50% speed

All Liftmoore Controls are weather resistant, however if left in the elements water damage can and will result in failure of the controller. Protect your investment and store your controls properly when not in use.