Online Training

We realize that your time is valuable, and coordinating training can sometimes be a daunting task.  That is why Liftmoore is now offering online training with Zoom.  No matter the size of the audience, we are able to conduct 1-on-1 or group training sessions with video web conferencing.  It is easy to schedule, and can be tailored to fit you or your customer's needs.  With four options to choose from, you now have the convenience of scheduling training at the click of a button.  Please select one of the options below to begin. 

*If scheduling for a group, only one person needs to register.  Simply put a note in the "Message" section of the booking form stating that it will be a group meeting, and we will contact you for more information.  The "Message" section can also be used to specify anything particular that you would like covered in the training session.  


Sales Training

Designed to teach our distributor's sales teams everything they need to know to sell the Liftmoore product line. This can range from a basic overview to an advanced training session on a specific product. Let us know what your needs are and we will custom tailor the training session for you.

Product Orientation

Designed for customers new to Liftmoore cranes.  This session includes a general review of cranes, with additional details about their specific model crane.  Some of the topics covered are operation and safety.


Designed for the service, repair and maintenance of Liftmoore cranes and outriggers.  We can get as technical and specific as you want in this training session.

Sales Calls

Want to show your customer a Liftmoore product?  Schedule a session with us and we can provide a demo to you and your customer on almost any Liftmoore product you'd like to show. Exactly like an in-person sales call, but online!