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Liftmoore Crane Owner's Manual Download Instructions

Enter your crane serial number in the search bar below.  The crane serial number will begin with a two digit number.

(i.e. 10-1005W120, 15-9275RZ20, 20-10139T95).  Be sure to include all characters, including the dash (-).

If you are having trouble finding your crane serial number, visit our 'Locating Your Liftmoore Serial Number' page for guidance.

If your crane serial number begins with a letter (i.e. A-Z), or if you are unable to find your manual, please contact Customer Service for assistance.  Customer Service can be reached at 713-457-1840 or salesdesk@liftmoore.com.


Our cranes are performance tested before shipping

Prior to shipment all cranes are run and checked for functionality. All cranes pass a performance test before shipping. Your Crane is designed for years of safe, trouble free operation. Ensure you get the performance you expect by applying the simple yet important items covered above and in your owner’s manual.

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