Locating Your Liftmoore Crane Serial Number

All Liftmoore Cranes are serialized at the factory while being built. There are times where you will need the serial number for inspections, ordering parts, requesting or downloading a manual, or submitting warranty claims.

Depending on your crane model, and the year it was manufactured, the serial number may be found in a few different locations.

Aluminum Load Chart Plaque

All cranes receive an aluminum load chart plaque affixed to the side of the crane housing.

Your crane's model number and serial number are both located on this plaque.

The crane model number is printed on the bottom left corner, and the serial number is engraved in the bottom right corner.


Serial Plate Web

Crane Base Plate

On older models, the serial number is physically stamped into the metal base plate.

Newer models get an engraved serial tag, riveted to the metal base plate.


Serial 1 Web


Top of Crane Housing

Most cranes manufactured in the last decade will have an engraved serial tag, riveted to the top of the crane’s metal housing. On older models, you will find the serial number physically stamped into the top of the metal housing.


Serial 3 Web