Control Troubleshooting Chart

Wired Pendant

No functions workingNot receiving powerCheck crane control socket Pin E ensure that it is receiving 12V
With the plug disconnected, activate a function switch then check continuity between Pin E and the activated function/direction pin
For example: activate Hoist Down and check for continuity between Pin E and Pin P
One function not workingFaulty wiring/switch malfunctionWith the plug disconnected, activate the function that is not working and check for continuity between Pin E and corresponding function pin
All functions slowTrigger problemCheck Crane Control Module for Error Code 5 and Proportional Output
(APPLIES TO PROPORTIONAL CRANES ONLY)Valve driver problemCalibrate valve driver board

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Key Benefits

  • Keeps truck level when heavy loads are lifted.
  • Configurations to fit most any application.
  • All outriggers are complete with control valves.
  • Used to meet the stability requirements of OSHA 1910.180 as specified by SAE J765