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DC Powered


New OSHA Regulations regarding 2,000 lbs and Under Capacity Cranes used in construction.

See below. Contact Liftmoore for information on the Anti-Two Block Option.

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Model No:ft.-lb moment ratingMaximum Capacity lbs.Power Rotationpower boom Elevationpower boom ExtensionAnti-Two BlockSuggested Min GVWRShipping WeightBasic Installation Instructions
L-84,500800 lbs. @ 5 ft.NoNoNoNot Offered6,100Mtg. Inst.
L-216,0002,000 lbs. @ 3ft.NoNoNoOptional8,600Mtg. Inst.
L-21W6,0002,000 lbs. @ 3 ft.NoNoNoStandard8,600Mtg. Inst.
20006,0002,000 lbs. @ 3 ft.NoNoNoNot Offered9,000Mtg. Inst.
206REL6,5002,000 lbs. @ 3 ft.YesYesNoOptional9,000Mtg. Inst.
LA6K6,6002,000 lbs. @ 3 ft.YesYesYesStandard10,000Mtg. Inst.
LA10K10,0002,000 lbs. @ 5 ft.YesYesYesStandard10,000Mtg. Inst.
2700AR8,1002,700 lbs. @ 3 ft.YesYesNoStandard9,000Mtg. Inst.
3200REL & REE10,0003,200 lbs. @ 3 ft.YesYesNoStandard10,500Mtg. Inst.
3612REE 7-1512,0003,600 lbs. @ 3 ft.YesYesYesStandard10,500Mtg. Inst.
3612X 9-1512,0003,600 lbs. @ 3 ft.YesYesYesStandard10,500Mtg. Inst.
4000X16,0004,000 lbs. @ 4 ft.YesYesYesStandard14,500Mtg. Inst.
5000WX25,0005,000 lbs. @ 5 ft.YesYesYesStandard14,500Mtg. Inst.
6036WX36,0006,000 lbs. @ 6 ft.YesYesYesStandard17,500Mtg. Inst.
2010REE10,0002,000 lbs. @ 5 ft.YesYesNoStandard10,500Mtg. Inst.

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OSHA Regulations

§ OSHA Regulations (Standard - 29 CFR) 1926.1400 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction, Cranes and Derricks in Construction 1926.1441(d)(2) Equipment Manufactured after Nov 8, 2011 with a lifting capacity of 2,000 lbs or less that is used in the construction industry are required to have an anti two-block device that meets the requirements of 1926.1416(d)(3).

All DC Powered Cranes have a Limited Duty Cycle as per S.A.E. J706 (section 6.2) and is limited by the heat buildup in the motors and the declining charge of the batteries. Failure to provide adequate voltage and observe duty cycle constraints will result in premature motor failure. All DC Powered cranes need to have an auxiliary battery mounted as near to the crane as possible to insure adequate voltage. On Cranes 3200 lbs. and above it is required.

  • Moment ratings from 4,500 ft.-lbs. up to 36,000 ft.-lbs.
  • All units are 12V DC powered.
  • All units feature a way of disconnecting from the power source when not being used.
  • All units incorporate a planetary gear style winch ( for best possible efficiency ).
  • Wireless controls available for any of the above cranes.

NOTE: The above G.V.W.R. ratings are suggested requirements to support the crane but do not guarantee meeting the stability requirements of OSHA 1910.180. Outriggers ( jackstand on the smaller cranes) will be necessary to use the crane capacity at the maximum reach. If the crane does not meet the stability requirements it will be necessary to reduce the rating over that range as required in OSHA 1910.180(e)(2)(iii)(a) as specified by SAE J765.