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  Manufacturing Cranes in the USA for 50 plus Years

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         Standard Wired Controller                       Mega Wireless Radio Controls                Proportional Wireless Radio Controls


Standard Wired Controls: The standard wired controller offers excellent service when cared for and stored when not in use. Liftmoore uses a sealed weather resistant toggle switch on all its pendant controls. All Liftmoore Pendants are removable from the crane ensuring that unauthorized use and or tampering cannot take place.


MEGA Wireless Radio Controls: Small and compact wireless unit, ideal for all 12V DC powered cranes as well as the Hydraulic powered units that have the on/off type of control system. It offers great service at a very attractive price. With the Mega FM Radio system the crane still maintains the use of the standard wired controller. This economical wireless FM control system is available as a retro fit on most Liftmoore cranes either Electric or Hydraulic Cranes with the on/off controls.


Proportional Wireless Radio Controls: FM control system allows for precise control of the proportionally controlled Hydraulic cranes. All come with charger and a 25 ft. "CAN" cord that can be plugged in between crane and transmitter for non FM use if necessary.  The "Can" wire also charges the batteries while hooked up in the event the transmitter should need charging while in use. With its optional Engine Receiver we are able to maintain the unlimited rotation system that is a standard feature on most of our Hydraulic powered cranes.

All Liftmoore Controls are weather resistant, however if left in the elements water damage can and will result in failure of the controller.

Protect your investment and store the control pendant properly when not in use.

Key Benefits

  •  All our controllers use weather resistant switches.
  •  All are removable from crane for safety.
  •  The Wireless units offer freedom of movement without the worry of the cable becoming entangled


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